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Skiathos is an unspoilt and picturesque island of the Aegean,
in the Sporades group.

Skiathos island

There are over 60 beaches with crystal – clear waters along the coast, some of which with golden sand and unique pine forests, such as Mandraki, while others with white rocks (Lalaria beach) and pebbles (Kastro). The most famous is Koukounaries, which has been declared the third most beautiful beach in the Mediterranean. The traveller can choose from a wide range of clean beaches, from the secluded private ones to the cosmopolitan ones with beach bars and water sport activities (diving and snorkelling, water ski, wakeboard and many more). It is highly known for being a green island with pine tree forests and olive groves, offering a bustling nightlife that attracts thousands of young visitors every year, and an amazing local as well as an international cuisine.

Skiathos is the nearest island to the mainland, with an international airport and only 41 miles away from Volos, the capital of Magnesia prefecture. It is only 2.5 hours away on the ferry from the port of Volos. It is also accessible from Thessaloniki, Agios Konstantinos and Mantoudi port, in Evia.

Visitors can enjoy activities such as…

Hiking, biking, trailing or following signposted walking routes which pass through some of the most beautiful parts of the island with breathtaking sea views of the Aegean. Other activities are diving and snorkelling, water sports (ski, wakeboard and many more), tennis courts (clay) and 4×4 football courts (Skiathos Tennis Club), horseback riding.

Visit the historical monasteries, such as the Monastery of Evagelistria or the old Monastery of Ekonistria.
Visit the Medieval Town of Skiathos (called Kastro).
Make daily trips to the nearby islands (Arkos, Tsougrias) or fishing trips.
Visit the Museum of Alexandros Papadiamantis and watch outdoor theater plays and concerts or visit painting and other art exhibitions, organized by Skiathos Municipality or the local private sector.

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